08 Jul Believe in yourself and pursue the job!


The work force! What a daunting word, what an absolute change of life!

No longer can you rely on your family for support; no, now you’ve got to get out there and DO IT YOURSELF! Goodbye to the cushy lifestyle and the pampering’s of home, hello to reality!

So where can you start? That question right there has got to be one of the hardest things you will need to come to grips with; don’t panic; we can help you! We will give you the valuable guidance and correct information that you are going to need. We’re here to build you up and to get you up and running and on the right foot, right away!The absolute and fundamental thing about finding work, is attitude! Your attitude will determine your altitude; and how far you will go. In fact, you are more likely to get a great job with the right attitude than you would if you have more degrees to your name than a thermometer!

Don’t get me wrong, qualifications are important, but it doesn’t matter what you’ve achieved in your tertiary education. If your attitude is that of a — woe is me kind of person, then you will not get very far in this world.Have a positive attitude every day, one of helpfulness and regard for others, no matter who they may be. Even though you may be educated now, and qualified . . . remain teachable; determine to be a lifelong learner.

Now we all love little silver bullets I’m sure, so I’ll give you some today, with regards to your entrance into the world of working for a living . . .

  1. Stand in front of your mirror first thing daily and tell yourself, “I am the man (or woman) for the job! This job is for me!”
  2. Determine to be a breath of fresh air to whomever comes across your path; your next point of contact could hold the key to your next (or first) job!
  3. Pursue! Don’t expect people to come knocking on your door, you have to go to their door and knock I’m sorry. Remember, we’re entering the world of reality.

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