29 Jun For the perfect CV, tell your story!

For the perfect CV, tell your story!

Telling a compelling and concise story is the winning formula to get noticed! Check out this interesting article written by Business insider http://tinyurl.com/nheroky. Recruiters spend 6 seconds checking out your CV, yes you heard me only 6 SECONDS! It’s a very competitive market and you have to do whatever it takes to stand out! What do recruiters look for? A bit like a search engine in those 6 seconds they crawl your CV for key words, they will focus on your most recent job and job title and likely only read the top part of your CV. If they find a match with the job they are looking to fill, only then will they read the rest. So make the first 6 Seconds count and tell your story in an easy to read way with our tips:

1) Start with a short profile, one or two short paragraphs that tell your story.

2) Start from the most recent job, the most recent is the most relevant to the job your are applying for.

3) Simplify your job titles, they need to explain what you did to non-technical readers.

4) Select your achievements, depending on what job you are applying for you may choose different ones.

5) Cool Uni projects matter, if you are just starting Uni has been your job for the past 3/4 years!

It may be helpful to make a long list and then select the ones that seem more relevant to the job you are applying for.

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