Terms & conditions



  1. Curriculum vitae ( CV)

All our packages include 1 page CV developed with the killer templates and with our methodology. The service includes up to 3 revisions. The CV will be delivered within a week from the time the informative questionnaire has been completed.

  1. LinkedIn page

We will provide suggested copy, layout and tips on how to improve your existing LinkedIn page. Under the client’s explicit instructions we will log into the account and create, modify the page directly ( this may have additional costs )

  1. Other social media

We will review your public profiles and deliver a word document with recommendations on how to clean/improve your pages. Please note that this service is based on the client providing the required information in due course.  The service will be delivered within a week from payment.

  1. Video consultation

This service requires the client to connect with thekillercv.com’s staff via one of the major video conferencing services such as Skype or Hangouts. Video conferencing sessions will provide services agreed in writing ahead of the session.

  1. Responsibilities

Thekillercv.com take no responsibility for the content and its truthfulness. All copy is developed in good faith based on the information provided by the client who is the sole responsible for its accuracy and its truthfulness.

Thekillercv.com take no responsibility for securing client’s a job. The service provided is limited to the items described on the webpage thekillercv.com

  1. Copyright notice

All materials and documents delivered to you are for your use only and covered by copyright. You may not forward or share these materials with exception of the CV and all public profile work delivered.

By signing this document you grant the thekillercv.com and its staff access to your personal information which will be used solely to deliver you the service you have purchased. Thekillercv.com may retain your profile for its records.